Correspondent / behind the news

Tasting the Big Apple's core, one story at a time

Monday 3 June 2013 - Debriefing


From stuffed mice to naked cowboys, AFP's outgoing New York correspondent Sebastian Smith looks back on his five years covering the Big Apple. (AFP Photo/Getty Images/Spencer Platt)

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Inauguration Day (in less than a minute)

Wednesday 23 January 2013 - Eye witness

Nearly one million people gathered in the heart of Washington D.C. on Monday to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama. This time-lapse video of the crowd taking shape and then dispersing is composed of more than 4,000 still images shot over a period off six hours and compressed into less than a minute.

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Covering the unthinkable

Monday 17 December 2012 - Eye witness

People embrace on December 14, 2012 at the aftermath of a school shooting at a Connecticut elementary school (AFP Photo / Don Emmert)

Robert MacPherson, AFP’s lifestyle editor in the US, visits Newtown, Connecticut, the scene of America’s most recent mass shooting. Many in the US are angry about the media storm engulfing the town, though some residents seem relieved to be able to share their stories.

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