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Twitter diplomacy in action

Tuesday 29 January 2013 - Decoding


Agence France Presse has designed a tool to monitor what the world’s top foreign policy actors – from presidents and diplomats to experts, activists and even illegal armed groups – are saying on Twitter about breaking news.  Whether the civil war in Syria, the French incursion into Mali or VIP chatter at Davos, AFP’s Tweet Wire opens a real-time window onto the realm of digital diplomacy. The tweets are generated by AFP's The e-diplomacy Hub, a Twitter-based application powered by a database with 4,500 individually-validated accounts -- a Who’s Who of social network-based international relations.

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Journalism in the digital era: lessons learned

Monday 28 January 2013 - Decoding

A screenshot of Prashant Rao's blog on 28 January 2013.

"Why do I create excessively-long alpha-numeric passwords and back up all my data like a maniac to different online and offline locations?", AFP Baghdad Bureau Chief Prashant Rao asks. An avid blogger, Rao spends his downtime learning how to leverage the Web as a journalist. While teaching a week-long course on digital skills, he was attacked by a hacker and reminded why it's worth trying to tame that great beast, the Internet. (Screenshot:

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