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Bolanita: Indonesia's women footballers

Monday 18 May 2015 - Eye witness

This photo taken in Jakarta on March 26, 2015 shows Vica Anyistiawati (L) dribbling the ball past Yulita Cyndi Anggraini of CSC (Cibubur Soccer Club) during a football training session in Jakarta. (AFP PHOTO / ADEK BERRY)

"The girls emerged one by one from the changing room, in red jerseys with numbers on their backs. But instead of jogging out to the football field, they ducked into a small mosque for afternoon prayers," writes the photographer Adek Berry. "When AFP asked me to shoot a reportage on female football in Indonesia, I jumped at the chance. But women footballers are no common sight in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation."

(AFP Photo / Adek Berry)

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Indonesia je t'aime : a nervous farewell

Wednesday 15 October 2014 - Debriefing

An Indonesian woman speaks on a mobile phone held by a girl while riding a motorcycle in Jakarta during the evening rush hour traffic on January 17, 2012 (AFP Photo / Romeo Gacad)

"I’ve watched nurses at a “health clinic” exhale cigarette smoke down a naked patient’s throat “to cure” her of emphysema", writes Angela Dewan, an AFP reporter based in Jakarta. "I’ve met women in Aceh, the only province to implement Islamic sharia law, forced to sit side-saddle on motorbikes because the city government decided straddling was “obscene” for women. I found myself taking beauty tips from a militant with links to Al Qaeda".

"After almost seven years trying to find the words to tell the outside world what’s happening in inside Indonesia, I still have these moments, where I need to pinch myself and remember I’m living in reality."

(AFP Photo / Romeo Gacad)

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Persecuted for palm oil

Tuesday 22 April 2014 - Behind the image

A staff member at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme examines a 14-year-old male orangutan found with air gun pellets embedded in his body, in Sibolangit district, northern Sumatra island, April 16, 2014. (AFP Photo/Sutanta Aditya)

Sutanta Aditya, a photographer who works with AFP, took these astonishing photos of a critically endangered Sumatran orangutan being treated at conservation centre in western Indonesia after the primate was found with air gun pellets embedded in his body. Here Aditya describes how he saw the creature being treated.  

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In the shadow of a monster

Friday 7 February 2014 - Behind the image

Villagers flee an eruption from the Mount Sinabung volcano, on the island of Sumatra, February 1, 2014. (AFP Photo / Chaideer Mahyuddin)

Mount Sinabung, a volcano on the western Indonesian island of Sumatra, exploded spectacularly at the start of February, spewing out huge clouds of red-hot ash and rocks and leaving at least 16 people dead.

Jakarta photojournalist Adek Berry headed up to the volcano the day after the eruption...

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Pictures from a protest: caught in the middle

Tuesday 18 September 2012 - Behind the image

An Indonesian protester hurls a molotov coctail towards the US embassy during a protest against a low-budget film insulting to Muslims in Jakarta on September 17, 2012.
AFP Photo/Adek Berry

Pictures from a protest: caught in the middle

"Muslim protests usually go peacefully in Indonesia, which is the biggest Muslim country in the world," writes Jakarta-based AFP photographer Adek Berry, who filed pictures this week of tense clashes on the street of the Indonesian capital. "But when I realised that members of Jamaah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT) – classified as a “terrorist” organization by the US – were among the protesters, I feared something bad could happen. I was right."

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Saving a croc named Hollande

Wednesday 18 July 2012 - Eye witness

Hollande the croc in putrid water

"How do you feel about traveling in a (small) boat with a (half-ton) crocodile?", AFP's Jakarta bureau chief Loic Vennin and video journalist Anne-Fleur Delaistre were asked before they joined a mission to save a toothless croc -- baptized ‘Hollande’ in honor of France’s newly-elected President – from an abandoned Indonesian zoo. (AFP Photo/Romeo Gacad)

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