The Best of 2012

Fireworks over Hong Kong mark the Chinese New Year, January 24, 2012.

AFP started its Correspondent Blog in the Spring of 2012 to spotlight the agency’s global network of reporters and photographers. The blog has allowed us to tell the types of personal stories that seldom find their way onto the wire.

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AFP PHOTO/Toru Yamanaka

In the heart of a cataclysm: When a natural disaster becomes not only the biggest event of your professional life, but also a personal tragedy.

AFP PHOTO/Pascal Pavani

The violent climax of a week-long drama that gripped first France, in the final throes of a presidential campaign, and then the world.

AFP PHOTO/Gerard Julien

Two young women provocatively lock lips in front of a group of anti-gay marriage demonstrators in France’s largest southern city.

AFP PHOTO/Nicolas Asfouri

The image of President Barack Obama planting a firm kiss on the cheek of Myanmar opposition legend Aung San Suu Kyi caused a stir across much of the Asian region.

AFP PHOTO/Ben Stansall

Covering the Paralympics, there is always a tug-of-war between the sports story and the human interest angle.

AFP PHOTO/Javier Manzano

A sniper victim chooses between running for his life or bleeding to death.

AFP PHOTO/Devendra M. Singh

AFP samples “Himalayan Viagra” in Nepal’s Upper Dolpa region.

AFP PHOTO/Phil Moore

AFP arrives in North Kivu in the remote far east of the Democratic Republic Of Congo just days before rebel forces seize the region's key city of Goma.

AFP PHOTO/Joe Klamar

A series of portraits of London-bound US Olympic athletes taken in May unleashes a firestorm of controversy on the Internet.

AFP PHOTO/Sergei Supinsky

A brawl between pro-government deputies and opposition members erupts in the Ukrainian parliament.

AFP PHOTO/Mario Laporta

Fed up of your dreary commute? These photos capture some of the most stunning underground stations in Europe.

AFP Photo/Adek Berry

An anti-American demonstration in Indonesia with a “terrorist” group among those protesting.


An animated and mysterious conversation between Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel at a NATO summit.

AFP PHOTO/Thomas Coex

“What possessed you to ask that question?” Four years covering the unpredictable Hugo Chavez.


Covering conflict while family members are in danger.