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Helping Abuzar

Wednesday 30 April 2014 Short Stuff


AFP is setting up a permanent fund to help the son of Sardar Ahmad, an AFP journalist who was killed by the Taliban.

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1981: Francois Hollande strides towards his future

Friday 8 June 2012 Short Stuff

A picture taken on May 26, 1981shows French President-elect François Hollande

A picture taken on May 26, 1981 shows French President-elect François Hollande, then a public servant at the "Cour des Comptes", a quasi-judicial body of the French government charged with conducting financial and legislative audits of public institutions. On May 6 Hollande was elected France's first Socialist president in nearly two decades, promising change in Europe after dealing a defeat to incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. In the photo, Holland is seen crossing the street in front of the headquarters of Agence France Presse. (AFP Photo/Michel Clement)

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US reporter who broke WWII embargo gets apology

Friday 4 May 2012 Short Stuff

Cover of memoirs by Edward Kennedy, the AP reporter sacked from his job in 1945 for breaking an embargo on the German surrender in WWII.

A US war correspondent fired from his job for breaking a military embargo and scooping the world on the German surrender in World War II finally got an apology Friday, 67 years after the fact. The Associated Press offered the mea culpa to reporter Edward Kennedy, who defied military censors and filed a dispatch May 7, 1945 on the surrender ending the war in Europe.

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WWII codes, on Twitter, thwart French election law

Monday 23 April 2012 Short Stuff

De Gaulle broadcasting on Radio Londres during WWII

To get around a tough French law banning the broadcast on any public media of election results before the closing of voting urns, people on Twitter resorted to coded language -- such as used during broadcasts from London during World War II on “Radio Londres” – to transmit exit poll figures from the first round of presidential elections on Sunday. AFP's Charles Onians explains. (AFP PHOTO/BBC)

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